Care Navigator™ Pilot Packages

Award-Winning Platform Now Available in Three, Timely Packages

It’s the platform that won the Microsoft Health Innovation Award for Patient Engagement. BluePrint Healthcare IT gives you the flexibility to choose only the features you need now and grow into other features as your shared care management, population health, care coordination or patient engagement initiatives evolve and scale.

Overview Video: Collaborate
Overview Video: Engage & Activate
Small-Scale * Low-Cost * Fast Launch

Care Navigator™ is offering select healthcare organizations a unique opportunity to test two of three packages from this shared care management platform, using a focused set of features on a small scale. In as little as 90 days, you’ll be able to measure, track and report how Care Navigator™ moved the needle towards your care team, member/patient care management, communication, engagement and education goals.

Choose the Package and Features You Need NOW!
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Features that Meet Your Care Management Needs Now and Tomorrow
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