Care Navigator™ Overview

cnlogotext How can a shared care management platform simplify the coordination of complex care delivery?


Would activated care teams help you achieve targeted quality measures?


Are your value-based care models facing the challenge of building sustainable relationships between patients and providers?


Care Navigator™ provides the shared care management platform that simplifies the coordination of complex care delivery by activating care teams to achieve their targeted quality measures. In fact, Care Navigator™ runs on multiple devices from full-screen desktop and desktop ribbon to mobile phones and tablets.




Care Navigator™ complements your physicians’ EMRs. By providing the actionable tools needed for your care management team’s everyday work, Care Navigator™ enables you to scale your current care management capabilities, especially for complex, high-risk patients.


Care Navigator™ is a Cloud-based shared care management platform available via the Web and mobile. It provides real-time, team-based care navigation, coordination and communication from within the healthcare organization and beyond the four walls of healthcare.


With over 50,000 patient days under navigation, Care Navigator™ was named the 2015 winner of the Microsoft Health Innovation Award for patient engagement.


How does Care Navigator Work?


Creating Connected Communities of Care

Imagine being able to view, communicate and collaborate, as well as coordinate care and tasks across the entire care team – between staff members, among staff and physicians, or outside the organization, including patients, members and family caregivers.


The Power of CRM for Healthcare

We created a software platform built upon the proven power of Customer Relationship Management. Now, healthcare can capitalize on CRM's capacity to automate workflows, streamline tasking and make patient and member data actionable.


True Team-Based, Patient-Centric Care

Whether the care team is inside or outside of the healthcare organization, Care Navigator™ maintains the connection and opportunity for collaboration across the entire care team, including physicians, patients and family caregivers.



Organizations who are ready to extend their care model and patient engagement beyond the four walls of healthcare, can use the Care Navigator™ mobile applications to enable care coordination and management securely from anywhere.


Set up - Scale up - Integrate

Care Navigator™ is built so that it can be configured, implemented, adopted based on your care team needs and data desires. It can be used with no data integration or full, bi-directional integration. With minimal integration, a care team can go live in a minimum of three months.



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