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In February, 2014, BluePrint Healthcare IT was officially invited into Microsoft’s “Managed Partner Program” due to the success of its Care Navigator™ platform. Microsoft’s Health and Life Sciences (HLS) division invites a small number of key strategic companies to become Managed Partners making up less than 50 Microsoft HLS Managed Partners globally.  Resources, such as marketing expertise, training, software development and sales support, are provided to Managed Partners at a level that allows the partner to grow their services within the marketplace. In April, 2015, BluePrint was awarded Microsoft’s 2015 Global Innovation Award for Patient Engagement. Spring 2016, Care Navigator™ was one of a dozen Managed Partners selected to participate in Microsoft's exhibit titled "The Patient Journey" at HIMSS16; the international health IT conference.


The selection of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, and the support of the Microsoft Corporation and HLS team, is a key differentiator for BluePrint and its Care Navigator™ platform. Using a Microsoft-based application provides advantages to organizational workflow, user experience, streamlined user authentication, robust software configuration capabilities, as well as offering the most comprehensive integration options with other applications and partner products. Microsoft invests billions of dollars in R&D, and its partner programs, to continually enhance its products and market reach, ensuring long-term utilization and value for our customers. 


Future Partnerships
Care Navigator Inc. continues on the discovery path for strategic partnerships that will leverage the opportunities and innovation in the healthcare delivery and technology environment.