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Welcome New Jersey Hospital Association Members


Recently, you received communication from Michael Guerriero, senior vice president of NJHA Healthcare Business Solutions, announcing our new strategic partnership with NJHA.


We’re very excited to partner with NJHA and bring high-value education, as well as our award-winning Care Navigator™ platform to NJHA members.


To kick off our collaboration, we’re hosting a webinar series around topics that providers like you are facing right now, including transitions of care, value-based care coordination, communication strategies across the care continuum, best practices and technology to stay connected across care channels, and much more. See below and register here.


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Exclusive NJHA Webinar Series


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Webinar #1:
Patient-Centered Care Transitions: Communication strategies, best practices and technology to stay connected across the care continuum
Friday, March 3, 2017
11:00 am - 12:00 pm ET
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Transitions of Care is still a hot issue for providers as a key to reducing readmissions, ensuring continuity of the care plan and engaging patients towards quality outcomes and cost savings.


Whether you have models in place or are building up your transitions of care initiatives, sooner or later, those manual practices need to scale for efficiency and streamline for greater impact. That means operationalizing your models from manual processes to digital workflow.


Care coordination experts will share case study experiences and tips on how to translate disparate Transitions of Care processes and best practices into an operational model that can be digitized through a variety of technologies.






 Tiffany Schubel, RN, BS, CCP

Senior Care Management Consultant, Care Management & Clinical Content Expert


Tiffany is a registered nurse with over 20 years of clinical experience including home health and care management. For the past ten years, her focus has been on Telehealth training, implementation and content development for organizations including Honeywell HomMed, Intel and Bosch.






Mohit Pasricha, MBA
Chief Technology Officer


Mohit Pasricha’s analytical skills enable him to uncover the process needs in care coordination by recognizing clinical workflow gaps and inefficiencies and hone solutions to meet both the needs and bridge the gaps in creating connected communities of care. Embracing many of the challenges that healthcare provides. Mohit has also developed software solutions for care transitions, appointment scheduling, HIE implementation, security risk analysis, downtime and legacy archival and access management. Mohit leads the team of analysts and software engineers in envisioning, developing and implementing Care Navigator™, the company’s core care coordination and care management software platform. Mohit holds an MBA in Information Systems Analysis and Design from University of Wisconsin-Madison and uses this expertise to conduct workflow analysis, develop robust information technology solutions that smooth hospital and HIE processes, improving quality and productivity, and increasing business visibility.



Learning Objectives

At the end of this webinar, the learner should be able to:


1. Identify their top challenges with operationalizing their Care Transition models

2. Denote three, specific challenges that arise for most organizations when they want to formalize their processes and convert them from manual to digital workflows

3. Cite specific recommendations that could help them operationalize Transitions of Care and scale them through digital technologies



Resources & Educational Gifts

NJHA Announces Strategic Alliance Press Release


Webinar: Patient-Centered Care Transitions: Communication strategies, best practices and technology to stay connected across the care continuum
Friday, March 3, 2017
11:00 am - 12:00 pm ET
Watch Webinar Now


Other Educational Resources


Questions about Care Navigator™
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